Wednesday, December 21, 2011

LINK DEC 17 Holiday Countdown: DIY Decor

It is always fun to redecorate your home and there is not a better time than during the winter.  And there is not a better place in Laramie to go for handcrafted artwork, design, a home decorations, created by local artists.  There are a couple DIY home decor examples as well as some perfect gift ideas below.

Concentric Circles from Mid Century Modern.  This could be combined with the CD wall art or cardboard tube project.  (LINKS TO POSTS)  WOW used a variation of this using picture frames.  I took some frames from our storage room and placed a mini mirror in the center.  They are located in our gift shop, which has a plethora of home decorating ideas, arts and crafts.

Here is DIY display project from Your Marketing BFF (could be used for storage ideas) similar to what we are doing at the gift shop in WOW.

Another DIY idea comes from one of our WOW member's who blogs.  Upcycled magazine boxes.

If you are interested in any of these projects set up an appointment and we can help you get started.  If you prefer to purchase decorations rather than make them WOW is the perfect place to come for your Affordable Art for the Holidays (click the link to see some of the work currently in the gallery and gift shop). We are located in the Laramie Plains Civic Center in Suite 271.

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  1. I love your decoration ideas. I could use them to beautify my home in these Pasadena apartments.