Sunday, December 11, 2011

Holiday Countdown: Online Sales Venues

Featured Work on ETSY.  More about the piece.
14 days left until the holidays!

As you may know will are posting 25 days of holiday gifts for the holiday season, DIY ideas, decorations, and creative projects for you, your family, and friends. The projects will include upcyled, craft, art, and other projects from our artists, clients and some other excellent online resources.

I will start this series with an introduction to some great social media sites dedicated to selling your work. These four sites should be considered as a part of your online marketing plan. In fact many of the projects in the series of posts could be made in your free time and sold on these sites.

ETSY is a wonderful site to sell handmade work and vintage items.  Artwork, crafts and craft supplies are all featured on the site.  Several Wyoming artists have work on ETSY.  It only cost 20 cents per item listed for three months on ETSY.

ArtFire is another online resource for selling and purchasing work.  There is a $12 monthly fee for the pro account as well as a free option and a 30 day pro account free trial when you sign up.

FineArtAmerica is another great venue for selling art.  There are many forums, contests, and groups you can join.  Fine Art America is free.   Fine Art America seems like a great way to meet other artists through their groups and forums.

WholesaleCrafts offers opportunities for our wholesale artist.  This site accepts members based on their applications.  They also offer opportunities to show in two wholesale craft fairs in the US.

All four of these sites work well for artists and crafters alike.  My advice would be to see which fits your budget and time as well as your work.  If you would like someone to sit down and research these and other options with you, don't hesitate to contact Works of Wyoming via email or call 307.742.6574.

What are some other online sales sites that you use? Post them below!

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