Monday, March 5, 2012

About the Instructor for our Next Art Class

This drawing was created by the Amalie Baker using the
technique she will be teaching on March 10.
Our next art class will be held on March 10 from 1 - 3pm.  To learn more about the class give WOW a call at 307.742.6574.


Amalie Baker is a Wyoming artist who focuses on the portrait. She has a beautiful style that has developed through a process of breaking down shapes and color within the subject. Her paintings are inspired by her many travels as a mural painter.
Amalie’s murals and paintings are internationally and nationally known. Her murals can be found in Trinidad, Tobago, Puerto Rico, El Salvador, Guatemala, Mexico, South Africa, West Africa, Dominican Republic, and Haiti as well as various locations in the United States including Seattle, Minneapolis, Chicago, Scotts Bluff, and Wisconsin.

Teaching Experience

While Amalie was the executive director, founder and job site manager for Aniimae, a non-profit organization devoted to giving people a voice though the painting of murals, she had many opportunities to teach those around her everything from the basics to the intricacies of mural painting. She has also taught at Eastern Wyoming College and taken on students through private art lessons.


Powell Northwest Wyoming
    Associates in Graphic Design
Bethel University
    B.F.A. in Fine Art (emphasis Painting and Graphic Design)
    B.F.A. in Art History
    Minor in Theology

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