Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Deb Stern, Laramie Artist and Small Business Woman, takes advantage of WOWs Marketing Services

Tea Bag Holders from Deb Stern Pottery in Laramie, Wyoming
I interviewed Deb Stern, small business woman and owner of Deb Stern Pottery, about her experience with Chuck, our Works Of Wyoming Marketing Services Coordinator.  She took advantage of his many years of award-winning expertise to help her art business.  Here is what she said.
"I decided to make the phone call to schedule the two-hour, free consultation with the  marketing consultant as I had been thinking of what I could do to increase my sales. The economy has made a definite difference in sales of my work and I felt I needed to do something more active on my end to stir things up. The announcement for this service came at a perfect time.
I was impressed with the flow of ideas from the consultant and felt he really did listen to me and what my business is about. (I was even more impressed when I saw his own work on his website and the adeptness portrayed on the computer!) I believe he/we came up with some really good starting ideas and feel that in the next few months, we will be working in that direction. I hope to follow through with "assignments" given to me and will schedule a meeting in the near future to follow up on our initial ideas. This was not an immediate "fix-it" action but a process in creating. I am very pleased with the results of that first meeting."

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

University of Wyoming Student Art League at Works of Wyoming

University of Wyoming Student Art League Members
at Works of Wyoming Professional Development Center for Artists

The University of Wyoming Student Art League (SAL) was excited to have their annual show held at the WOW Professsional Development Center for Artists, a project of Wyoming Women's Business Center. There were ten UW students represented in the show. Artists showed works in watercolor, acrylic, oil painting, charcoal, graphic design, ink and wash, photography, mixed media, and ceramics. Secret Techniques, the University of Wyoming break dance crew, and a group of ballet dancers performed a dance they had choreographed.

Beth Cochran, SAL President, presented donations of kids art supplies from a SAL event and a “Thank You” card from SAL. Throughout the school year SAL takes a small group of students to Santa Fe, New Mexico to visit with galleries and working artists. We had lunch at artist Kevin Sloan's studio this past trip.  SAL also takes a larger group of students to the Denver Art Museum. The group has held events like The Art Gear Swap, and collected donations for WOW.

SAL and WOW are looking forward to working together in the future.  For more information on The Student Art League click here.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Good News about Wyoming Womens Business Ownership

Fun News! Our own Andrea Presse,http://www.wyomingwomen.org/ who helps our clients get loans and training for small business ventures was featured on Channel 5 http://www.kgwn.tv/Global/story.asp?S=14391675 in Cheyenne. She spread the good news about the growth and health of women owned businesses here in Wyoming. Gail Watford, http://www.gailwatford.com/ an artist with Works of Wyoming worksofwyoming.org was featured as well. She shared the benefits of having her own art business. The benefits of owning your own business are many. It is a creative process, you design your own product or service according to your talents and vision. You can set your own schedule according to your customer needs and the service you provide. At Wyoming Women's Business Center we help determine what type of business skills or marketing might help give you greater ability to support yourself financially and spiritually.

Visit an Accomplished Western Artist in the Tetons of Wyoming

Joanne Hennes
Plein Air Painting Below the Tetons
I talked to Joanne Hennes http://www.joannehennes.com/ the other day. We had a visitor in the Works of Wyoming Gallery who wanted to know more about her technique so I gave her a call. Joanne lives in a beautiful area near Teton National Park http://www.nps.gov/grte/index.htm and shared details of her life in art. What a life it is! It is full of joy and passion, you can just tell when she speaks to you. She is an extraordinarily accomplished artist and businesswoman, and a vibrant personality. She started out in theater and scenic art. I could definitely see how that experience led to the grand scale of the scenes she paints of the Tetons and the surrounding Wyoming landscape. She spends a lot of time out in nature. She loves music and has sung with a choir. She enjoys visiting about a wide range of subjects. Their studio is open to the public. Next time you’re near the Tetons go visit the studio, and have a wonderful time.

"The Crossing"
30x50 Oil on Canvas
Triangle X horses crossing the Buffalo river.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

University of Wyoming Student Art League to be Showcased at WOW!

Our next show will feature a variety of art from UW Students.
Please join us at Works of Wyoming for the opening April 15th, 6-8pm.