Monday, June 11, 2012

MORE IMAGE Twitter Techniques

Though I am not an expert on Twitter, I still figured that I would collect some great tips from both my experience and other sources.
Birds by Alberto from The Running Cat Studio

1. You need to really use Twitter regularly to gain a following (without spamming people). You also post information that is relevant, use @mentions, repost and use #tags. I have read that using twitter once or twice a week, like I do, will not get you anywhere. You need to use it at least daily. It is better to post multiple times a day.

2. Use #tags and @mentions. The # symbol followed by a term is a tag. Tags are typically one work describing the general idea of the Tweet. This will help people find you, your art and your tweet by topic. 

3. At Mentions are the @ symbol followed by a name. Using this will send a Tweet directly to that person. @mentions can be used if you want to talk about an artist you like (who has twitter). Tags for this post could include #art #twitter #tip #social media and at mentions could simply be @Sarah Reese (my boss). @mentions also work in Facebook.

More on @mentions from Alyson B. Stanfield, the ArtBiz Coach.

What Twitter tips and techniques have worked for you?

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