Thursday, May 31, 2012

Website Gone Easy

Painting by Robert Martinez
If you are like me, you would prefer to create artwork than code HTML and CSS for your website. Fortunately, there are many ways to create an online presence that do not require you to code. We will start with some social media sites that are not websites but will still help with your online presence.

1. Twitter – Update your followers via short messages.
2. Photosharing – You can use create a photoblog or use Photobucket, Flicker, or Smugmug.
3. Create a Blog – Blogs are simple and offer an informal space for you to discuss your artwork. and are two places to start.
4. Start a Facebook business page – See 5 reasons why here.
5. – You can post videos of your work and tutorials here.
6. Friend - You may know someone who is a graphic designer. He or she will be able to offer you more options than a DIY website builder. This service will not be free.

Here are some more traditional website builders. There are many more out there.
1. – Free
2. – Free
3. – Free or $33/year
4. – Free or $66/year
5. - $160 or $260/year
6. - $144 or $240/year

If you would like to learn even more about building a website and gain other skills that are crucial for art sales be sure to attend our Shameless Self-Promotion Workshop this summer.  You can learn more about our workshops and/or register on the Works of Wyoming website.

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