Thursday, May 10, 2012

4 Tips to Help you Properly Follow a Page

Poster created after surveying on FB.
Felicia Follum
Black Hair
Following someone’s social media site is not really helping you to network, if you don’t some basic social media strategies.

1. Interaction vrs. Information

The goal of following a page is not just so that you can get information. You are missing out if you are not taking advantage of interacting with artists and other people you may never get to meet in real life.

2. It is Better to Comment on than to Like a Post

Making an actual contribution to the conversation or sharing the post shows your expertise on a given topic.

3. Do Not Spam

The goal of following a page is not to spam people, but to socialize.  If people go to a page they follow, they want to know about the page not you (unless it is your art page).  If you post on another page, make it relevant and feel free to post as your art page rather than using your personal profile.  Ask questions about other people's art on an art group page.  If your art focuses on landscapes in Oregon, go to a page dedicated to Oregon and ask where their favorite landscapes are located.  There are many ways that your can go about this, but do not post links to your art in every comment.

4. Feature the Page in Your List

Read more about creating lists on FB here.

5. Personal Success Story

One of my most successful was when I was conducting research for my a past art exhibition.  This specific research did not show up in the show, but I did create some work in response to the topic.  When I was researching for some social issue posters talking about black hair (this really is a significant topic in the African American community), I asked people in groups such as Black Women with Real Hair, and My Black is Beautiful to take surveys about black hair and their experience.  When I completed this poster, I posted it to these pages.  This technique was mot spamming because these groups are focusing on the same subject my work was focusing on and I was posting information that those on the site would find relevant.  I was also thanking them for their input and rewarding them with some artwork.

What are some social media marketing strategies you have used?  Show us the work you promoted and tell us why it was not viewed as spam but welcomed.  If you would like to brainstorm ways to involve groups on Facebook be sure to stop by the Gallery and gift shop.  We are located in the Laramie Plains Civic Center in Suite 271.

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