Thursday, November 17, 2011

Create Lists on FB

When using your personal page, it is likely that there is more going on than what you can actually follow. To organize who you follow, you can create what is called a list.  If you look at the image, Art under Favorites is my art list.  I have all of the art pages I follow and friends who are working artists in my art list.

The number across from
Art tells me that I have one new
art announcement since
I last checked the list.***
Here's How
1. If you go to the bottom of the left toolbar, there should be a section that says lists.  Click this link to your lists (the words "Lists" and "More" should both get you to a listing of your lists).

2. Once all of your lists pop up there will be a link at the top right of the page that says "Create a List."  Click this button.  A box asking you to name your list will pop up.  I named my list “Art.”

3. On the top right there will be a “Manage list” tab. Select it and go down to “Add/Remove Friends.” From here you can select friends. There is another tab on the top left of this box. This tab will allow you to select pages as well.

Congratulations your have finished you Art list on Facebook.

To use this list, you can go back to the bottom of the left toolbar. Click on lists, click the pencil image to the left of your list and select “add to favorites.” Your list will now appear just below your profile image, events, and pages (since you already have an art page as discussed in 5 Reasons Artist Should Have a Facebook Page) on your home page (where your personal feed is displayed).

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***This is my personal page and I don't add people I don't know.  If you want to like my art page (Felicia Follum art and Design), go for it.  You can also contact me via WOW's Facebook page.

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