Sunday, November 6, 2011

Write About Your Work

It is important to always be writing about our work.  It will help us, as artists, to communicate about our work as well as exercise our creativity.  For many creatives journaling is a common practice.  For others it is something we force ourselves to practice.  Either way it never hurts to have some ideas to write about.  Here are a couple prompts for when you do not know what to write about your work.

If you need something to write in, here are some handmade
journals, crafted by our artists.  Come pick one up!
1. Make a list of words. Some ideas for lists include tools you use and why, media you like to work with, work that inspires you, media/techniques you would like to try, colors, emotions, or reasons you create work.  These lists can be thought out or completely random.

2. Free Write.  Write for 5 minutes. It does not need to be perfect. Don't think. Just write. You could select any word from the list above and expand on it. Some other free write topics could include why you create work, your process, your inspiration, or your future goals.

3. Write about someone else's work.  This is a task that was assigned in professional development class I attended a while back.  Writing about other work helps us to relax and not be so hard on our selves.  It also tends to help us work through and develop our artistic vocabulary.  If you are looking for art to write about we would love to have you write about a work in the gallery or gift shop.  You could even be a guest blogger for us and write about one of our artists.

What do you write or journal about in regard to your art?  Do you practice writing regularly? If not, why? If you do, how has it improved your overall art practice.

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