Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Who Should You Be Following on FB?

Pages on my art list.
We all know that there a lot of people and pages out there on Facebook.  This post will address who to follow more closely and which pages to like (one a page is liked you are following them). In a future post we will discuss how to organize those that you are following, so it is simple to find what you care about and weed out the informaiton that is less relevant to your life and/or arts career.

Of course you should follow and like these WOW artists with FB pages.

Barry O’Riley
Bethels Beadwork
Denise’s Wyoming Artists
Felicia Follum Art + Design
Western Landscape
and WOW.

But who else should you be following on Facebook?  You can search FB for artists you like as well as museums, galleries, or government organizations.  You can also follow pages that inspire your work.  If you like art history, you could find an art historian to follow.  Of course if there are some friends that you have who are really inspiring or tend to offer wisdom filled inspiration via their FB pages, by all means follow them.  Keep in mind you can create lists (I will show you how to create a list next week) for your BFFs and fun people as well, they do not all need to be on your art list.  I think I have around 5 friends and have around 100 pages on my art list.

Here are some of the pages I follow.

TED - TED Talks provide wonderful inspiration for me while I am creating artwork.
Graphic Competitions
An Art Historian - Afro Art Nerd actually went to the University of Wyoming.
Works of Wyoming (You can contact us here, if you have any questions, comments or concerns)

As mentioned above, in our next post I will show you how to organize all of these pages you are now following.   This will keep them from getting lost in conversations about what your brother’s ex-girlfriend had for breakfast or what your best friend from elementary school said to her cousin yesterday.  There is a simple way to log on and check your important pages in less than 10 minuets and avoid all of the unimportant drivel.  Stay tuned!

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