Friday, May 4, 2012

Videos of Your Work

Using videos of your work, can be an excellent strategy if you are interested in sharing your work with a diverse audience.

Basic Tips to Keep in Mind While Creating Your Artist Video.

Keep the video short.  I would suggest around or under 2 minutes.  The more varied, the longer people will engage.

Use top quality video and photographs.  A combination of both is often ideal.

Keep the basic principles of art in mind, such as unity and variety.  Include a variety of textures, colors, people, to create a unified video that shares your work.

Post them online.  YouTube is the most common place to share your videos online.  YouTube makes it simple to share your video in other places such as your blog, website, Google+ and Facebook as well.

Here is a sample video that WOW helped Alice Freeman create to promote her harp playing business.

Here is a

Another sample of an incredible artist video that we can learn from.

Have any of you from WOW created videos of you work?  What was successful?  What would you improve?

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