Friday, May 18, 2012

12 Alternative Art Venues

One important factor about being a successful artist is finding ways to get our work out into the community.  Of course there are art galleries, but there are many opportunities outside of a traditional gallery or museum.  One term for places such as these is an alternative art venue.  Some alternative art venues include but are not limited to restaurants, hair salons, coffee shops, vacant business windows and other small businesses.  

1. Coal Creek Coffee Company
2. The Grounds
3. Flux hair salon
4. Local Farmers Markets - Farmers markets often have specific requirements and fees but some do enjoy having artists and crafts people.  The Laramie LOCO Market is just getting started and looks like a fantastic opportunity for Wyoming Artists.
5. The street - This is not for everyone, but some artists enjoy going to a downtown area in a large city to create and sell work.
6. Laramie Main street - Organizations dedicated to the beautification of a town or city and the promotion of local businesses may be on option.
7. Arts guilds or clubs - Artist organizations often have relationships with businesses that lease, sell or hang work.
8. - Here are 5 reasons why you should have a FB page for your art.
9. Artist Cooperatives - Many large cities have Co-Ops set in place.  I believe Northern Front is considered an Artist Collective.
10. Find an artist you are friends with and have a small show in their workspace or rent a loft for a month.
11. Put it on the front of your house, your garage, fence or car.

12. Be Creative

WOW is another wonderful alternative art space for artists looking to show their work in a public space.  For information about applying for a solo show or to be apart of a larger exhibition, be sure to contact us at 307.742.6574.

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