Monday, March 14, 2011

Lifelong learning for artists

Do your work! Learning is the work! A client called in to ask about our microloan program here at Wyoming Women’s Business Center. I am always impressed by our prospective clients’ interest in learning new things on how to achieve their goals for success. They all begin with imagining success. They are learners at heart, I believe. Every tidbit of information is food for growth. Growth is on my mind. Spring may be coming, evidenced by no more minus teens and colder temperatures, and with it, our eagerness to jump on our bikes and ride the bike paths around town. It's warmer more often. I am thinking about planting an art installation in a forlorn piece of property nearby. Or at the very least, throwing some old potatoes out there to continue sprouting that have been sitting in the pantry too long. It is all due to our physiological memory of earth’s cycle of rejuvenation. Living and planting, and making things come alive and grow.

Yes, springtime is coming soon, (it just has to, please) to Laramie, and shedding our coats, we make ourselves ready for rejuvenation and stepping out of internal reflection. Works of Wyoming, is a project of Wyoming Women’s Business Center and a marketplace and studio space for artisans and craftspeople offering business and specialized training. We are hosting “Go Naked! Go Clothed! Go Figure!” to celebrate the human figure and the artists inclination throughout human history, to use the human figure as a symbol for change, and for growth and for learning new things.

More info on history of figurative art

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