Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Holiday Countdown: DIY Beauty

Living in Laramie, Wyoming, it is always a challenge to keep your skin, hair and lips taken care of in the dry winters.  I thought I could help by posting some DIY solutions, that I am sure will help you stay beautiful and keep healthy this winter.  Some of these projects could be placed in re-sealable containers and given as gifts or sold in the annual Affordable Art for the Holidays sale (if you want to start planning your booth for next year).  However I will start with one of the most important beauty tips out there.  It is also significant in your artwork.

Confidence and Art Marketing
I know that this is not a traditional beauty tip but it will help people gravitate toward you and your artwork.  If you are confident in yourself, others will notice.  The same is true for your artwork.  If you are confident in your work, others will be as well.  Take care of yourself because your love yourself and take care in creating your work because you care about it.  Confidence will help you and your art career in a variety of areas.  From marketing, where you need to put yourself out there in the big world, to pricing work, where you need to keep prices that will support your business and stand confidently behind those prices.  This winter season, be sure to make you and your art a priority.  In addition to confidence taking care of your body is one way to radiate confidence and here are three more projects that can help.

Lip Gloss

This site has a variety of lip gloss recipes. Flavors include chocolate, candy and cranberry.

Here is a great video tutorial for some great lip balms…These would probably go over well at the next Affordable Arts show.

Here is a ThreadBanger tutorial on YouTube

Video with another three recipies

Scar Removal
DIY Facial from the Secret Life of a Bio Nerd.  Did you know that you can use lemon, cucumber juice and tea tree oil and mix it with non-scented lotion to help with breakouts?  It also helps remove scars.  Find out more in the video below.

Below is a great tutorial for hair and skin moisturizers for those of us with dry, thick, or coarse hair and dry skin.  Some other great tricks for keeping your hair healthy in the winter includes wearing a head scarf or protective styles.  You can find a ton of videos about taking care of dry, coarse or curly hair on YouTube by searching terms such as "natural hair" and "protective hairstyles for winter."

What are your favorite beauty secrets for the winter?  How has confidence played a role in your art business?

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