Friday, December 16, 2011

Holiday Countdown: Framed

I was at one of my good friend's new apartment yesterday and was really excited about her picture frames.  Here are some DIY frames, so that I can be envious of yours too.  In this post I will share a variety of techniques for creating cute picture frames for yourself, friends, and family this holiday season.

Cardboard Tube Picture Frames
Whether it is paper towels, toilet paper or food packaging, we have all thrown these guys away.  Next time you have one to toss, think about this fantastic photo frame made from cardboard tubes.  For all you fine and emerging artists out there, this project could be used to creatively display photographs of your work and be given as a gift as well.  This marketing trick (subliminal imaging) can be given as a beautiful gift your friends, family, and even collectors will love.

Circuit board Frames - These upcycled frames are fun to make, cost effective, and could be sold in our next Affordable Art for the Holiday sale (if you still need some side projects).

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