Saturday, December 24, 2011

Holiday Countdown: Wyoming Artists

For our second to last post of the Holiday Countdown,
I wanted to share some beautiful holiday season inspired artwork created by Wyoming artists.

All of the artists below are WOW members and more of their work can be seen via the links in the sidebar.

Penguins in Hand Knitted Sweaters print by Kim Harris
Kim Harris has more winter themed artwork for sale on her ETSY store (link above), Full Frog Moon.
She has ornaments and prints featuring animals and people enjoying the winter.
They are perfect for this holiday and winter season, and we all know winter in Laramie will not be over for some time.

There is nothing better than a hot drink, a warm blanket and a movie with friends and family.
This set is the perfect accessory to be placed next to your coffee and tea.
Deborah has a large selection of practical pottery and ceramics that can be seen on her website (link to the right)

If you would like to become a member or have your work featured on this blog let us know.  You can contact us on Facebook, this blog, give us a call at 307.742.6574, or send us an email.  You can also get more information on the Works of Wyoming website

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