Saturday, December 17, 2011

Holiday Countdown: Old CDs

After this holiday season WOW is looking for more jewelry in our gift shop.  It selling like mad.  If you try this idea, be sure to bring your work on in for us to see.

Super easy necklace made from an old CD

If you have old X-Box games, CDs or scratched DVDs in storage and are looking for something to do with them, here is an excellent project idea.  Old games do not sell for much these days and once a disk is scratched they do little good.  Upcyleing may be the perfect solution to taking care of this type of clutter.

Lamp created from old CDs

Mirror from CDs - I actually did this in highschool and it worked quite well as a decorative piece.  The one in the video is a functional storage solution.  I would be careful about the lack of protection.  The one I created in high school was simply for decoration.

If you are looking for more creative ideas be sure to stop by our Affordable Art for the Holidays sale or come talk to our staff and artist.  We are located in the Laramie Plains Civic Center in suite 271.  You can also contact us via Facebook.

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