Sunday, October 23, 2011

Write White Write and Write Some More

Variety of art journals in our gift shop and gallery.
This podcast is an interview with Alyson B. Stanfield, A.K.A. The Art Biz Coach.  She discusses some extremely important steps to becoming a professional artist.  Her four tips are devote yourself completely to a studio practice, create an online emailing list, connect with other artists, and start writing about your work and never stop.

This last post is a response to "writing about your work." As artists, we probably think about artist statements when we think about writing. Though artist statements are a significant aspect of the writing that an artist is expected to produce, we can practice writing about our work in other mediums as well.  In addition to journaling, a blog or various social media platforms including,,,,,,, and even personal websites provide perfect opportunities to write about your work.

Some of WOW's artist social media links
Bethel's Beadwork on Facebook
Deise Patton on LinkedIn
Felicia Follum Design on Facebook
Hannah McNamee's  Website (We have more member websites in the right hand sidebar)
Laramie Art Guild Blog - This site has work from several of our members

If you only plan to use one of these, go with Facebook see why in Top 5 Reasons Artists Should Have a Facebook Page. A blog and website are other top options as well (some would argue for these over Facebook).

The addresses the four topics a bit more.

See the other parts of our Professional Artist Podcast Series using the links below
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Post links to your writing below.  If you would like your work and writing about your work to be featured on WOW's blog or Facebook page, be sure to comment below or let us know on Facebook.

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