Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Social Media Marketing Tip Tuesday/Thursday

The polls are showing that people want social media marketing help.  Fortunately social media marketing is something that I (Felicia) have been researching for a while, so I have decided to start Social Medial Tip Tuesday/Thursday. I will be posting a Social Media Marketing tip to our blog every week on either Tuesday or Thursday, maybe both.

I will be writing these posts as Felicia on behalf of the gallery and will probably use my social media sites as references. If you would like your site featured on here, please do let me know, via Facebook (WOW page or my art page) or contact the gallery by email, WOW@uwyo.edu. I would love to promote other local artists as often as possible.

Stay tuned for the first tip!! 

Are there any specific questions you would like for me to try and answer? Post them below or send them to one of the above contacts.


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  2. Thanks! I will check out you site as well...maybe even write a post featuring your SEO services.

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