Tuesday, October 18, 2011


University of Wyoming Student Art League show Opening at WOW
This podcast is an interview with Alyson B. Stanfield, A.K.A. The Art Biz Coach.  She discusses some extremely important steps to becoming a professional artist.  Her four tips are devote yourself completely to a studio practice, create an online emailing list, connect with other artists, and start writing about your work and never stop.

Part 3 is in response to "connecting with other artists."  WOW can certainly help you connect with other artists and build an art community.  Some of the networking opportunities that we offer include gallery openings, professional development workshops, and a variety of classes (blog post from a past class).  In the near future we would also like to add opportunities for open studios as well as residency programs.

You can find other artists on Twitter, Facebook or Blogs or you could plan an artist meet-up by posting a flyer in a coffee shop or on Facebook.

To see future events at WOW check out our Events page on Facebook (You do not need a Facebook account to view our events).

Stanfield's post about Connecting with other artists offers some more hints and tips.

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Be sure to contact Works of Wyoming for more information on professional development for artists.

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