Monday, February 27, 2012

Possible Topics for Your Blog

There are infinite possibilities and topics to blog about for artists. I picked he first 13 that came to my mind. This list is in no way exhaustive.  Click on the links for example posts.

1. Why you create art or why you created a specific work
2. What/who inspires you or artists you love or know and how their work relates to yours
3. Events relevant to your artwork
4. How your art relates to Art history
5. Projects or techniques you would like to try
6. What is currently on your easel, sketches, or a work you just completed
Fiber art by Denise Patton
7. What you do when you have a creative block or lack of motivation (then refer to this post when you have a lack of motivation or creative block)
8. List of favorite blog posts (your blog or blogs you read), supplies, art making tips, tutorials, art pieces, photos, your process
9. A little about you or your home and possibly studio or work space.
10. Create a walkthrough of one body of work or exhibition
11. A blog (or series of posts) could be dedicated to a project, residency or internship or an artist event
12. Your goals
13. Photographs you took over the weekend or on vacation that you want to use in a piece of artwork, for a body of work, or image that inspire you just because

What are some of your favorite blog topics?  How can you adapt one of these ideas to fit your blog, artwork or business?

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