Monday, February 13, 2012

Tracy Wilcox: “Flower Triptic.”

The UW Libraries Purchase Award went to Tracy Wilcox for her “Flower Triptic.” These lovely flowers were collaged from tissue paper with details from upcycled magazines. They will be on display here at WOW until February 16 and then will be transported and installed in the University of Wyoming Library. Congratulations Tracy!

For more informaiton about the Salon des Refuses, Student Art League, or Works of Wyoming contanct one of the following.  WOW can be reached via email or by calling 307.742.6574.  Felicia Follum is the current SAL president and WOW intern and can be reached on her Facebook page or through WOW.


  1. Love these flowers!!! They are beautiful!!!

  2. We agree!!! Tracey discussed creating more for the gift shop. We are thrilled.... Thanks for visiting our page Gail.