Saturday, February 25, 2012

Wyoming Artists on Facebook

This flag is the image that pops up when your business page receives a new like.  It makes those of us who take our social media marketing serious very happy when we see this orange flag.  Here are some WOW members who you can make happy by liking their pages!!!

WOW Members with Facebook pages
Bethel Anthony - Bethels Beads
Berry O'Riley - Another Art page
Denise Patton - Wyoming Artists Page
Felicia Follum - Felicia Follum Art + Design
Heather Storey - Facebook Artist page

If you would like help creating a Facebook page or advice on using social media for your artwork feel free to chat with us here at WOW.  You can call 397.742.6574 or email for more information.

There are more WYO artist below

Select Wyoming Artist who have taken an interest in WOW via Facebook and I would like to thank them for their involvement
Robert Martinez
Suzanne Morlock
Jill Hartley
Sonja Caywood 

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