Thursday, January 12, 2012

Best Social Media Sites for my Personal Blog/Website from 2011

Image from Felicia Follum's blog
Since I am an artist beginning my professional career, it is relevant to share what social media sites created the most traffic to my art blog and website as well as which sites created the most interest in my work.

Facebook definitely took to lead in social media that led to my artwork being brought up in real life conversations as well as people inquiring about purchasing work. I made a couple deals using Facebook in the past couple months.

Spike upon increase in Piterest
use.  There aresome other high
points as well but I can not
attribute them to anything specific.
Pinterest is another high scoring player in this game. This bookmarking site is fairly new but has proven to be an amazing resource leading people to my blog. It was the one of the top recruiters for the months of October, November and December (I didn’t even use it in October). This buzz was generated virally. Pinterest is a bit more difficult to track your work on, but it is great when you can. I have began investing more time in this site. Pinterst is also perfect for artists. I can talk more about why in another post.  With my increase of pinterest use on Jan 4 and 5 directed back to my website, you can see that the views have spiked as well.

Networking with other blogs has been a significant benefit as well. On the flip side I have learned a lot about how to do this properly. Again, this is probably best for another post.

Digg did well considering I have only been on the site twice in the past year.

Twitter is difficult to measure. I have read that it is difficult to track links from Twitter and they tend to be skewed. However, I am not too terribly concerned with this since I recently began investing more time in the site.

LinkedIn is the site that I use the most but also generated the fewest leads. LinkedIn is great for those of you who desire to pursue photography or graphic design jobs rather than exposing people to your artwork.

Google=154, Facebook=77, Pinterest=72, other blogs=69, Digg=13
In addition to these social media sites, people also found me through, and other blogs.

How did you find your favorite blog or artist website?  What is it?  What social networking sites have you embraced?

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