Thursday, May 12, 2011

Kathy Palochak

Kathy Palochak, Pendant, "Amazonia"
 Congratulations Kathy Palochak! She won the laptop at the Wind River Business Conference and Native American Business Expo.  Kathy is a long-time accomplished jeweler in the Rawlins, Wyoming area who wants to do everything she can to continue to build her woman-owned business and be more responsive to her clients.
So Kathy came away with alot more tools to do her beautful work than she went to the Expo with.  Just goes to show, to win, you have to sign up!

A statewide business conference hosted by the Central Wyoming College in Riverton, WY, on May 4, 2011, held a drawing for the laptop at the conclusion of the business conference.

Kathy said, “I wasn’t sure it was my name that was called. I was flabbergasted, tripping over my tongue, hoping I didn’t trip over my feet or drop the computer. I was just so stunned!”

The business conference had three different tracks that addressed the needs of small businesses: General Business, Government Contracting and Artisan. Each track taught ways of expanding markets in both traditional and innovative venues, including digital marketing and social media. The laptop computer was chosen with the goals presented in the conference in mind, with 500 GB of storage, Windows 7 operating system and HD graphics support.

She intends to use the computer to implement many of the ideas presented at the conference, with emphasis on digital presentation and social media. Although she has had a website for many years, she felt it was necessary to include other media such as Facebook, Etsy, Blogger and Flickr to be integrated as well.

The conference was sponsored by: Central Bank and Trust, Central Wyoming College, Chem Trade, Encana, First Interstate Bank, National Endowment for the Arts, Tribal Employment Rights Office, University of Wyoming, USDA Rural Development, Wells Fargo, Wind River Casino,Wind River Development Fund, Works of Wyoming, Wyoming Arts Council,Wyoming Business Council, Wyoming Community Foundation,Wyoming Entrepreneur,Wyoming Small Business Administration

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